Residents and visitors can now exchange federal dollars for local currency at all branch locations of Adams Community Bank, from North Adams and Williamstown to Lee and Lenox at an exchange rate of 95 cents to 1 BerkShare.  BerkShares can then be spent at participating businesses at face value; 10 BerksShares can be used to make a purchase worth 10 dollars.

All businesses that accept BerkShares are locally owned, so spending BerkShares keeps more money recirculating within our local economy.  A win-win for our Community!


If you have ever held some BerkShares you will know that this currency is much more colorful than plain old dollar bills.

The 1 BerkShare note features the portrait of a Stockbridge Mohican, representative of the first peoples of the region.

The 5 BerkShare note boasts W.E.B. Du Bois, the civil rights activist and founder of the NAACP, who grew up in Great Barrington.

The 10 BerkShare note remembers Robyn Van En, the woman farmer who pioneered the Community Supported Agriculture model, starting at Indian Line Farm in South Egremont.

The 20 BerkShare note displays a portrait of Herman Melville, the writer and environmentalist.
Norman Rockwell, the beloved illustrator of American life, appears on the 50 BerkShare note.

On the back of each bill is the work of a different artist who calls the Berkshires home. The currency itself was designed by John Isaacs, who lives next door in Columbia County, New York.

Visit: to see over 400 local businesses that accept BerkShares.

Business may have specific restrictions concerning the use of BerkShares, so please ask for details when you purchase from a store using BerkShares.