Message from the President

Charlie O'Brien

Committed to the success of our customers and our communities

Again this year we are excited to have the opportunity to reflect on our successes and accomplishments. Our goal at Adams Community Bank is to be the premier financial institution in Berkshire County by creating intensely loyal customers. The foundation of this is achieved through the authentic interactions between our staff and customers. We know we need to constantly earn your trust and to do this our culture focuses on the consistent delivery of our core values that we have built upon since our founding in 1869. We maintain a culture of service and accountability, and our dedication to superior service is what differentiates us from our competitors.

Additionally, this sense of success is reflected not only in our financial strength and stability, but also in the communities we serve, the technology we deploy and our philanthropic efforts. Through the generations of operating in the Berkshires, success has always been about genuinely connecting with our customers. As the definition of community and technology has evolved, we have adapted as well. Whether a customer is in the lobby of one of our branches or accessing their account on their computer, smart phone, or tablet in their residence, or when traveling abroad, we are committed to providing the same high quality experience backed by sincere, personal service.

Another way we create success for our customers is to increase their level of financial literacy on a variety of topics. Whether one-on-one, in a high school classroom setting, at any number of free seminars we hold, or through articles on our web-based ACB University. Our team of banking professionals is always working to improve the financial awareness of our customers.

Our strength and focus allows us to make a difference in the Berkshires

As a mutual savings bank, our focus is driven totally by the success of our customers. Unlike public banks with shareholders, we are not accountable to the demands of Wall Street. Plus, as a mutual bank, we don’t take unnecessary risks just so that we can pay a dividend to shareholders. Instead we answer to you, our valued customers, and we like it that way. Our commitment to remaining a mutual savings bank is unwavering and allows us to focus on what is happening on Main Street of every town in the Berkshires.

This has been our home since we were founded and our focus will always be right here in the Berkshires. Unlike some other banks, we are not distracted by branching out beyond our borders, and instead focus squarely on the individuals and businesses of the 32 towns located right here.

Being focused on our customers allows us to not only invest in superior products and service, but also to make business loans that create jobs right here in the Berkshires, to make loans to individuals and families that help them attain their dreams, and to give back to our communities through numerous organizations and activities that we sponsor directly. This reinvestment into our communities is just one example of our longstanding belief in being not just another business, but rather an active, engaged member of our local communities.

Keeping pace with technology

We continue to enhance our technology to offer relevant, innovative products and services. Most recently we have added Mobile Deposit for our retail customers and have issued debit chip cards, providing stronger protection for our customers. We are confident these products will allow us to continue to earn your trust and serve you better.

To our existing customers, I offer my sincere thanks for your business. To those who do not yet know our bank, I invite you to stop in for a visit. Exceptional service has defined us from the very beginning and will continue to be a top priority. We’ve earned the trust of many individuals, households, and businesses throughout Berkshire County and we would like to earn yours as well.

Charles P. O’Brien
President & Chief Executive Officer
Adams Community Bank