Government Banking

Working with Adams Community Bank’s Government Banking Division will provide cost savings, time savings, and security and financial protection benefits for your local government, municipality or educational institution. Here are 3 top reasons to bank with us:

  1. We pride ourselves on the extraordinary customer service that we provide. Our government banking team is mobile. That’s right! Our team will personally come to your office to assist you and your staff in a timely and efficient manner.
  2. In addition to FDIC coverage, we also offer DIF insurance which means that 100% of your funds on deposit will be insured.
  3. Our competitive rates offered with a variety of accounts allow you to maximize the earnings on deposits, providing more revenue for your city or town.

For more information about any of the products and services below, contact Laila or Kris toll-free at (833) ACB-2GOV or 1-833-222-2468.

Municipal Financing

Financing is available for bank-qualified, tax-exempt borrowings, including Bond Anticipation Notes, Grant Anticipation Notes, Revenue Anticipation Notes, Tax Anticipation Notes and Serial State House Notes.

Municipal Checking, Money Market and CD Accounts

Municipal Premium Checking

  • Interest Bearing
  • Unlimited deposit, check writing, and withdrawal activity
  • Free check stock, deposit tickets, and endorsement stamp
  • No fees

Municipal Premium Money Market

  • High-yield interest-bearing account that is tiered based on the account balance and pays a higher rate of interest as the balance grows
  • No fees

Municipal Money Market Investment

  • High-yield interest-bearing account
  • Ideal for Trust Funds, Stabilization, OPEB, CPA funds, etc.
  • Free customizable monthly Interest Allocation Reporting
  • No fees

Certificate of Deposits

  • Very competitive fixed-rate offerings
  • Terms from 6 months to 36 months

Deposits held at Adams Community Bank are 100% insured through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF). DIF covers your balances in excess of the FDIC $250,000 limit and there is no dollar cap on DIF.

Interest Allocation Account

Our variable-rate high interest money market investment account combined into one easy to read monthly statement summarizing all deposits/credits, withdrawals/debits and interest earned in each sub account. This customizable account provides FY interest reporting and is ideal for Trust Funds, Stabilization, OPEB, CPA funds, etc.

State Aid Reporting

A detailed customized State Aid Report for municipalities who receive their state and/or federal aid deposited to our Bank, is emailed on the same day we receive the funds. This report eliminates the need to look up aid on the Vendor Web.

Account Reconciliation

With Positive Pay’s Account Reconciliation Report, mismatched checks are identified sooner and account activity is reconciled with increased accuracy. This report also provides a total of outstanding checks and a check register balance as of the reconciliation date.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a powerful fraud prevention tool used by municipal customers to protect against check and ACH fraud. Our Positive Pay service helps detect suspicious transactions, reducing the risk of financial loss and safeguarding the reputation of the municipality.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture provides 24 hour, 7 day a week availability to submit checks for deposit from the comfort of an office via the Bank’s secure remote deposit website. Adams Community Bank will provide a check scanner, on-site training, and customer service support saving time from making a trip to the bank to make deposits.

Online Banking

Our enhanced financial management platform for municipalities provides the designated administrator with secure access to account information online, anytime, anywhere.

Online Banking ACH Origination

Our online ACH Origination service allows you to transfer funds quickly and easily, initiating outgoing domestic ACH transfers to any financial institution in the United States for next business day delivery. *

* Monday-Friday, when processed before 3:00 pm, not including Saturday, Sunday or Federal holidays.

Online Banking Wire Transfers

Our online Wire Transfer service allows you to transfer funds quickly and easily, initiating outgoing domestic wires to any financial institution in the United States on the same day. *

* Monday-Friday, when processed before 2:00 pm, not including Saturday, Sunday or Federal holidays.

RSA Security Token

Our secure token is an electronic device issued by the bank which provides an additional layer of fraud protection against unauthorized access for online banking wires and ACH.

Cyber Security Training

Education is your municipality’s first line of defense against cyber threats. We want to educate our communities so they can better protect themselves. Adams Community Bank provides free on-site cyber security training for our customers.

For more information about Adams Community Bank’s cyber security training contact our Government Banking team toll-free at (833) ACB-2GOV or 1-833-222-2468.

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