Additional Services

Business Services you can count on.

Making your banking and money management easy and convenient is what Adams Community Bank is all about! We offer a variety of convenient services to help you spend less time on your banking and more time making your business a success.

Business Debit Cards

Business Debit Cards are accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted.* They are linked directly to a checking account and when a purchase is made the transaction is automatically deducted from your account. Business Debit Cards are more convenient than writing a check and alleviate the possibility of accumulating major debts that may occur with the use of a credit card.

  • No monthly or annual fee
  • Accepted at over 37 million MasterCard™ merchants worldwide
  • 24-Hour access to available funds reduces the need for checks and cash
  • All transactions deducted directly from your Adams Community Bank checking account
  • Also serves as an ATM card. Make cash withdrawals, transfer funds, and make balance inquiries at all Adams Community Bank ATM terminals.***
  • Make cash withdrawals, transfer funds and make balance inquiries at any NYCE® or CIRRUS® terminal locations worldwide (ATM surcharges may apply)
  • Make deposits to your Adams Community Bank account at NYCE® ATMs that participate in the Shared Deposit Program
  • Access your money at thousands of SUM® ATMs across the country without a surcharge from a Non-Adams Community Bank (ACB) ATM. (ATM surcharges may apply)
  • All transactions recorded on a monthly statement

Lost Debit Card? Contact us:


*NOTE: Due to the need for increased security measures, Adams Community Bank has blocked or restricted the use of ATM/Debit cards in all foreign countries. Please inquire with a customer service representative for the complete list, which may change from time to time, prior to visiting any foreign country. If you are planning on traveling to a foreign country that is restricted, we may be able to exclude your debit card from the restriction if you contact us, 413-743-0001. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We take your account security very seriously and encourage you to contact us prior to traveling.

† Some restrictions may apply

**Debit Card POS transaction cut-off time is 6:00 P.M.

***ATM transaction cut-off time is 6:00 P.M.

Online Banking/BillPay

It has become so easy to manage your finances online and it is perfect for those who want 24/7 access to their funds. Pay your bills from your home or office computer, tablet or phone. Avoid late fees and no stamps needed! Click here to learn more.

Digital Wallet

A quick, secure, and convenient way to pay with your mobile device while enjoying the benefits of your ACB Debit Card. At its most basic level, a Digital Wallet is an online payment tool in the form of an app.

Benefits of a Digital Wallet

Leave your wallet at home and make life easier by storing payment information on your smart device, allowing fast and contactless digital payments on the go.

  • Convenient: No need to dig into a wallet or purse for your ACB Debit Card. Even if you leave your wallet at home, you can make digital payments using your smart device. No need to enter your card details or carry a physical card to make payments.
  • Secure: Your card number is never stored on the smart device, and your card information is never shared with merchants. When you add your ACB Debit Card into a Digital Wallet, a digital account number is assigned to your card that is used to process payments and protect your personal information.
  • Contactless: Complete payments at various merchants by holding your smart device near a checkout terminal that displays the contactless pay symbol.

Setting up Your Digital Wallet

  • Step 1: Make sure a Digital Wallet app is installed on your smart device. Most smart devices have a standard Digital Wallet app already installed.
  • Step 2: Add your ACB Debit Card to your Digital Wallet app.
  • Step 3: Set your ACB Debit Card as your default payment card.

Paying with Your Digital Wallet

Hold your smart device near a compatible checkout register in-store, or select a digital wallet as your payment option on compatible websites.

When checking out in-store, pay with your Digital Wallet by opening your phone and authenticating your identity in your Digital Wallet app, and then holding your smart device close to a near field communication (NFC) – enabled terminal. Look for your preferred wallets logo symbols or the contactless pay symbol at checkout.

Make sure to choose your ACB Debit Card as your payment card if you did not do step 3.

Digital Wallet Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Wallet?

A Digital Wallet is, as it sounds- a digital platform to store payment methods to make check out a breeze. Digital Wallet allows you to make purchases online, in-store, or in-app without providing your physical card or card information.

How does it work?

Digital Wallet utilizes tokenization to complete your transactions. Tokenization takes your payment card information and assigns it a digital code, so your card information is never shared with merchants. Tokenization makes it nearly impossible for a fraudster to obtain your card information.

Will all merchants accept Digital Wallet?

Not all merchants have adopted this payment method. Pay anywhere you see the contactless NFC symbol, Apple Pay ® , Google Pay ™ , Samsung Pay ™ .

Which Adams Community Bank cards are eligible for Digital Wallet(s)?

Any ACB consumer or business debit card is eligible (excluding ATM-only cards.)

Why am I being asked to provide additional information to verify my card?

This is an additional security feature. When prompted, select the verification option that works best for you and enter the one-time-password (OTP) sent to you. A confirmation will then be sent to you to let you know your card is ready to use.


Message and data rates may apply.

Digital Wallet features, benefits, and functionality may vary. For specific information regarding your mobile wallet, please visit the device’s products page.

Google, Google Pay, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Mobile Banking App

Bank wherever you are with ACB Mobile for the iPhone and Android! Available to all ACB online banking customers. Visit the Apple or Android App store and search “Adams Community Bank” to download the ACB app today!

ACB Mobile allows you to check balances, pay bills, make transfers, manage your debit card, and find ACB branches and ATMs.

Available features include:

  • Accounts – Check your latest ACB account balances and search 12 months of transactions
  • Transfers – Easily transfer funds between your accounts
  • Bill Pay – Pay bills right from your phone
  • Debit Card – Deactivate or reactivate your debit card to help prevent fraud
  • Locations – Find nearby ACB branches and ATMs by searching by zip code or address
Telephone Banking

Use your telephone 24/7 to transfer funds, make loan payments and obtain account information.

  • Bank by Phone at 888-338-7272
  • Toll free 24-hour access to funds using a touch tone phone
  • No annual, monthly or per-transaction fees
  • Make loan payments
  • Obtain account information including:
    • Current balance
    • Last five deposits
    • Last five withdrawals
    • Checks cleared
    • Debit MasterCard and ATM Card transactions
    • Transfer funds between designated accounts
Merchant Services

Accepting credit and debit cards is an important part of running a business. Many customers are carrying cards instead of cash. At Adams Community Bank, we can assist you in finding the best way to process transactions to help maximize your profits. Contact us at one of our convenient locations and ask a customer service representative to guide you through the process.

Remote Deposit Capture

We now offer Remote Deposit Solution, a simple and secure way for business deposit customers to deposit checks right from their office. Using a scanner that is unique to your business you can deposit checks directly into your business checking account, avoiding lost productivity. Our Remote Deposit Solution will allow you to make fewer trips to the bank and will give you enhanced management reporting for your deposits.

Bank at Work for Your Employees

Improve your company’s benefits package at no cost to you. As an Adams Community Bank business checking customer, you can offer your employees our Bank at Work direct deposit program. Our Bank at Work program saves your employees time and money. Contact us at one of our convenient locations to learn more.


An eStatement is the electronic version of your normal paper bank statement that you access through your Online Banking account.

With eStatements, you can:

  • Review your statements and cancelled checks online anytime
  • Access your statement days before a paper statement would arrive in the mail
  • Reduce the risk of your statement being lost or stolen
  • Go paperless! Be clutter-free! Help save a tree!
Account Alerts

Account Alerts are an easy way to monitor your account information with a simple email or text message and best of all it’s FREE. With Account Alerts you can be notified when:

  • Your balance is above an amount that you specify
  • Your balance is below an amount that you specify
  • You can receive a daily or weekly current balance notification
  • A deposit is received
  • A withdrawal over a specified amount is processed.

Account Alerts are an easy way to manage your accounts. Please contact one of our convenient locations to learn more.

Safe Deposit Box – A Safe Place to Keep Valuables

Adams Community Bank offers safe deposit boxes in our Adams Park Street, Lee, Lenox, North Adams and Williamstown locations. We offer a variety of sizes ranging from 2×5 for $35.00 to 10×10 for $125.00, to store your most important documents and valuables.

For more information contact us at 413-743-0001, or visit one of our participating locations and talk to a customer service representative.

Important Notice:

  • Adams Community Bank does not provide insurance coverage for the contents of your Safe Deposit Box, nor are the contents insured by any Federal or State Insurance Program.
  • For your protection, you may wish to secure your own insurance through an insurance company of your choice.
  • You should keep a complete list and description of all property stored in your Safe Deposit Box.
Wire Transfers – Wire Funds When You Need It

Adams Community Bank will process both domestic and foreign wire transactions for established customers as long as all required information regarding the beneficiary is obtained.

Wire transfer requests should be made in person and you can visit any one of our convenient locations to request a wire transfer.

Night Deposit Service – Deposit Funds Any Hour of the Day or Night

Our Night Deposit Service is available at all branch office locations. This allows our business checking account customers to make deposits anytime that works for them. We will assign night deposit bags that lock so your deposit is secure.

The transactions in your night deposit bag will be processed the next business day. These deposits are subject to the same terms and conditions as any deposit.

Please contact us at 413-743-0001 if you have questions, or visit one of our convenient locations and talk to a customer service representative.