Managing Alerts and Notifications

Creating & Managing Alerts in Online Banking
1.	In the upper right hand corner next to your name or the person icon click the dropdown menu > Account Services > Manage My Alerts.
2.	Click on ‘My Alerts’ under the Manage My Alerts dropdown menu.
3.	To add an alert – select the alert(s) and then click ‘Add Subscription.’
4.	Add the criteria around the subscription, choose which email(s) or phone numbers you want the alert to go to, and click ‘Submit.’
5.	A confirmation notice will be displayed at the top.
6.	This will now display under your ‘Current Alerts.’
How to Edit an Alert
1.	Select the alert from your ‘Current Alerts.’
2.	Under the ‘Current Alerts’ – click the pencil to edit the alert.

How to Delete an Alert
1.	Click the trash icon.
2.	Confirm the deletion.

How to Turn on Notifications on Your Mobile Device
1.	Select ‘Push Notifications Enrollment’ under ‘Account Services’ > ‘Manage My Alerts.’
2.	Confirm you want to register the device and receive notifications.
3.	Confirmation is received that registration was successful.

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