Debit Card Traveling Tips

Traveling Tips for Your Debit Card Traveling Outside of Your Home State? Please notify us of your date and locations to ensure uninterrupted access to your debit card. (You have free fraud protection on your card that detects out-of-the-ordinary transactions which could be declined). Debit Card Limits • Default ATM daily limit of $510* • Daily Point of Sale (POS) limit of $1,500* Please contact us if you wish to increase your daily limits. *ATM and Debit Card POS cut-off time is 6:00 P.M. Going Out of the Country? Let us know so we can check if the country you are traveling to is a federally blocked country. If it is, your debit card will not work there. For countries where your card will work, consider that your daily debit card and ATM limits may be affected by the foreign exchange rate, so you should request your limit be adjusted accordingly. Download ACB’s Mobile App Have 24-hour access to your account through our mobile app. Set up account alerts via text or email to notify you of certain types of transactions and dollar amount. Ask a Digital Guru for more information. Online Banking is a Great Travel Partner! In addition to transferring fund and checking balances, you can deactivate your card if you misplace it and then re-activate it when you find it. Confirm Your Contact Information is Up-to-Date You may be contacted via telephone or email regarding a debit card transaction. Without your confirmation, suspicious transactions may be declined. Have a Plan B. Always have a back-up form of payment in addition to your debit card when you are traveling. Has Your Card Been Lost or Stolen? Contact Us by Calling 413.743.0001 Take advantage of our free Annual Financial Check-Up and you may find additional ways to minimize your expenses and maximize your savings before your next trip. Call us today! Adams Community Bank Member FDIC | Equal Housing Lender | Member DIF