Business Exclusive

Best fit for blossoming business owners who have increased financial activity. ACB’S Business Exclusive provides a practical and valuable banking solution for growing businesses and their owners with no monthly transaction limits and one free cash management service.

Features & Fees:

  • $50K combined relationship balance to waive monthly maintenance fee (business deposits and business loan relationships for the same TIN/EIN)
  • $20 per statement cycle maintenance fee if $50K combined relationship balance not maintained 2
  • No transaction limits
  • Credit of $200 towards the purchase of a value pack if purchased within 90 days of account opening 3
  • Choose up to one cash management service for free (Remote Deposit Capture, ACH, Positive Pay)
  • Each additional cash management service added at $15 per statement cycle
  • Option to lease or purchase a Remote Deposit Capture check scanner 1


1 Remote Deposit capture check scanner options:

Customer leases a check scanner for $15.00 per statement cycle. Lease includes the use of a Bank owned check scanner and repairs or replacement of check scanner due to normal wear and tear. Check scanner will be returned to the Bank if related services are canceled by the customer or the Bank.


Customer purchases a Bank-approved check scanner. Customer will own the check scanner and will be responsible for any repairs and/or replacement of the check scanner.

2 Maintenance Fee assessed if minimum required balance isn’t met on any day of statement cycle.

3 Value pack includes checks, deposit tickets, and an endorsement stamp.

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