Adams Community Bank is dedicated to our employees, customers, and community. Our home is here, just like yours. Our community commitment makes us strong, and customer loyalty sets us apart.

Our employees are dedicated to meeting the highest standards of customer service. We like to call it ‘family-style customer service.’ Every employee at Adams Community Bank is encouraged to strive in their position, and each plays a role in the bank’s success.

‘Family-style customer service’ is not a temporary promotional campaign. It’s the way we do business. With smiles, professionalism, and a “can-do” attitude, we make banking easier for you.

Please be aware email communication is not secure. Do not include confidential information (social security number, account number, etc.).

The vision for the bank is intended to be the ultimate goal we strive for as a company. At the very heart of the operation of Adams Community Bank is the establishment of trust – with customers, employees, management, and trustees. Trust is the overriding concept of why our customers bank with us, why our employees feel excited to work for the bank, and what makes us a successful community bank. We expect to become and remain the premier community bank in the Berkshires that everyone wants to do business with. Our team of employees and trustees developed this daily vision for making this happen:

Our mission is to be the premier bank of the Berkshires while remaining mutually owned and community-focused.

Our team of employees developed values and behaviors to ensure we played full-on so that our customers and co-workers benefitted.

  • Always Do Right By the Customer
  • Support and Promote Our Community
  • Fuel a Positive Workplace
  • Embrace and Drive Change
  • Personally Accept Responsibility

Lastly, over $21,000 was raised to help fight Alzheimer’s, with a total of $165,340 raised in 12 years.

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