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Your Bank, Our History

Adams Community Bank’s long and rich heritage is one of our greatest assets as our founding dates back more than 150 years to 1869.

Although the past several years has produced record growth for the bank our core banking philosophy continues to embrace several consistent themes – become the best community bank possible, serve our customers in the Berkshires by earning their trust, and always do right by the customer.

Many of our customers have enjoyed long-standing banking relationships with our bank that cover several generations. They appreciate the benefits that come from dealing with a strong community bank while we enjoy their loyalty to our vision.

We continue to embrace our mutual banking charter which means we are owned by our depositors and look forward to future success serving the individuals, households, and businesses throughout Berkshire County.

Senior Officers

  • Charles O’Brien, CEO & President
  • Andre Charbonneau, EVP/COO
  • Dawn Canales, SVP/CIO/CISO
  • Laurie Boudreau, SVP/Compliance and Risk Management
  • Elena Tucker, SVP HR & Payroll
  • Maureen Baran, SVP Communications and Community Engagement
  • Lisa Trybus, SVP Retail Lending
  • Barbara Guido, SVP Retail Banking
  • Tracy McConnell, SVP Commercial Lending
  • Jacqueline McNinch, SVP Mortgage Originations
  • Tess Sorrentino, SVP Chief Financial Officer
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